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Former FSU Lineman Arrested For Assault and Battery; Attorney Cites to Poor Blocking as Defense

Tallahassee, FL - Former FSU offensive tackle Jauan Williams was arrested this week and booked into the Leon County jail on charges of Assault and Battery.

The charges stem from allegations by Williams’ former girlfriend that Williams physically abused her on multiple occasions dating back as early as 2018. Williams‘ attorney however says his client is innocent. His defense: Physical inability to perform the crime.

Citing to game footage from both the 2018 and 2019 football seasons, Williams‘ attorney says it’s clear his client was not capable of putting his hands on anyone. “If you watch game film, we see a consistent pattern of my client completely missing blocks, getting pushed backwards, and failing to get his hands on the other player.” stated Williams’ attorney on Wednesday. “I mean, look here, on this play my client wasn’t even out of his stance before the other guy blew by him to make the sack. If anything my client is the victim.”

Williams’ lawyer said his client’s poor footwork was also evidence of his innocence. “He falls down a lot. In games, we see him get turned around and he winds up falling down backwards.“ Williams’ lawyer also stated “It’s really not possible that he could assault anyone. If you completely fail to make contact with the other person like we see Jauan doing in games, it’s not assault.”

The Tallahassee Police Department would not comment on Williams’ case, but did say the game footage was strong evidence of Williams’ innocence. “Yeah, he really doesn’t ever make contact with anybody. Half the time it looks like he ran in the other direction. Hard to believe he could get his hands on another person.”

Authorities say however, that game footage of Williams playing offensive tackle may lead to new charges of assault for Williams’ role in the 2018 and 2019 beatings of quarterbacks Deondre Francois and James Blackman. “We see here [Williams] completely misses a block leading to James Blackman getting obliterated by three defenders. And here, here I’m pretty sure Deondre Francois is dead. To me, it looks like he did it on purpose. No way he could be that bad” stated investigators who wished to remain anonymous.

Deondre Francois was allegedly beaten by Williams in 2018

Williams was released on Wednesday on bail. He is scheduled to appear in Court later this month.

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