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Mike Norvell Places Current Florida State Football Players in NCAA Transfer Portal without Their Knowledge

Tallahassee, FL - In a groundbreaking move to improve Florida State’s current roster as well as make new scholarships available to incoming players, Florida State head coach, Mike Norvell, announced that he had placed several current players into the NCAA transfer portal. The difference here: The players had no idea they were entering the portal.

The NCAA transfer portal was created to empower student athletes to make their own decisions regarding their intent to consider other schools as well as promote more transparency in the transfer process. The premise though, is that typically, the athlete initiates the process willingly with support from the athlete’s current school.

Current transfer rules do not expressly prohibit a coach from entering a current player on scholarship into the portal on his own. Many coaches, though, are hesitant to utilize this method for fear of collapsing their relationships with current players. Norvell said he was not concerned. “The players who I have placed in the transfer portal were made fully aware of my actions“ Norvell stated in a phone interview. “I sent each player a text message that said ‘you’re leaving bye’ with the ‘hand waiving’ emoji and I also posted it on my spam account on Instagram.”

Head Football Coach Mike Norvell Preaches Roster Management

To Norvell, the decision to place players into the portal even if they do not want to go is an easy one. “We always want to ensure we are doing our best to maximize our roster while looking out for the best interest of the players. Sometimes, players don’t know they want to transfer so we want to help them as best we can to see better opportunities.”

Most of the players who were entered into the portal say they appreciate Norvell’s unconventional approach to roster management and are grateful for new opportunities. “I didn’t really know I wanted to play somewhere else. But after seeing my name in the portal I realized that I may be better off at a new school“ said senior cornerback Carlos Becker.

Other players say they were surprised to wake up and find out that they were looking to transfer. James Blackman, a Redshirt junior quarterback, stated in an interview this week “Look, I was shocked for sure. But [Norvell] doesn’t mince words. His text to me was pretty straightforward cause it said ‘bye’ and had the ‘hand waiving‘ emoji and stuff. So after I read that I thought ‘man, I should transfer.’

For Blackman and others, they are unclear exactly how Norvell managed to enter their names into the portal since the system requires personal login and verification information be submitted along with the required waivers. “Yeah I’m not sure how coach did it without us knowing. I did notice my name was listed as ‘Jane Blockman’ in the registration section and my address was 12345 Street. That’s not my address so it’s weird.”

Redshirt Junior Quarterback Jane Blockman

Carlos Becker said he received a call from the NCAA which indicated they were responding to a voice mail he had left with their transfer division. “It’s strange cause they called my cell and said they were responding to a voice mail from ‘Schmarlos Schmecker’ about wanting to transfer ‘real bad’ and ’get me outta here’ and stuff like that. I didn’t really know what to say. But now it all makes sense.“

Senior Cornerback Schmarlos Schmecker celebrates an incomplete pass

Norvell was hired as Florida State’s head coach in 2019 after Willie Taggart was fired midway through the season. His primary focus has been evaluating the current roster and exploring cutting edge methods for upgrading talent at certain positions. He believes that coaches placing players into the transfer portal without their knowledge will be the next breakthrough in the ever changing landscape of college football.

It's unclear what the future will hold for all of the current Florida State players Norvell placed into the transfer portal, or whether they will all land in FBS-level schools. But for Jane Blockman and Schmarlos Schmecker, they believe the future looks bright.


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