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Wyatt Sexton Arrested for Assault; believes he will still play this season

Tallahassee, FL - Former Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton was arrested on Monday and booked into the Leon County jail on charges of assault and battery.

Sexton’s arrest stems from an incident that occurred back on January 23, 2020 when Sexton allegedly hailed a female Lyft driver then assaulted her after she agreed to give him a ride back to his apartment.

The Lyft driver alleges that after she picked up Sexton in the early morning hours, he became agitated inside the vehicle and began to threaten her with a lighter. After the vehicle arrived at his apartment, Sexton allegedly grabbed the driver by the hair and arms before ultimately exiting the vehicle. The driver immediately reported the incident to authorities.

Photo: Leon County Jail

Sexton was arraigned on Tuesday, plead not guilty to the charges and was released on $1,000 bail. He denies assaulting the women and also claims the Lyft driver willingly consented to giving him a ride after he hailed her using the Lyft App. When reached by telephone on Wednesday, Sexton stated “At no point during the Lyft ride did the driver tell the car to stop. I am completely innocent of any wrongdoing. The entire ride was consensual.“ Sexton did not specifically address whether he actually assaulted the driver.

Sexton believes the Lyft driver is targeting him because he is a well-known Florida State Quarterback and that ultimately the charges against him will be dismissed. He also believes that no suspension from the football team will result from the accusations. “I believe that once [district attorney] Willie Meggs reviews the evidence he will decide to drop the charges completely. I talked with my coach, Jimbo Fisher, and he said I won’t be suspended and that there was no victim because there was no crime."

It’s unclear exactly what Sexton is referring to. The 34 year old former quarterback has not played football since the 2005 season and has not been a student at Florida State for nearly fifteen years. He has never played for Jimbo Fisher.

Sexton playing for FSU in 2004 with a Farmer's Tan

Nonetheless, Sexton says he is also not concerned with any disciplinary action for violations of Florida State's student code of conduct and is confident that the university will handle the matter appropriately. “Look, we are going to do a disciplinary hearing. We'll probably use Major Harding to hear the matter. He's a retired Florida Supreme Court Judge. I do not believe he will find [the driver's] story more credible than mine and will not have enough evidence to find me guilty." FSU officials refused to comment, but did say that disciplinary hearings only apply to current students.

This is not the first time Sexton has been in trouble with the law. In 2005 he was detained in front of his home for bizarre behavior after attending an outdoor concert. He was later dismissed from the football team for personal reasons. More recently, he was arrested for a domestic incident, but those charges were later dismissed. Despite his prior issues, Sexton said he does not believe they will be relevant here. "Ok, so I took some crab legs from Publix that a friend gave me one time without paying. It's no big deal. It's not like I killed anybody." There is no record of Sexton ever being cited for any incident at Publix.

For now, Sexton claims to be focused on the upcoming season and says his pending legal troubles won't impact his play on the field. "I'm just concerned with playing good football. We have a national title to defend. I won it all for us last year with that pass to Kelvin [Benjamin] and I intend to do it again."

When pressed about the veracity of his statement and that he appeared to be referring to Jameis Winston's game winning touchdown against Auburn in the 2013 National Championship game, Sexton produced a photograph purporting to show him throwing the pass.

Photograph produced by Wyatt Sexton During Interview

Sexton is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing later this month. He is currently free on bail. If convicted he could face up to five years in prison with fines up to $2,500.


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